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the right story told to the right people,
at the right moment

  • our principles

    We believe that each brand has its own personality and a unique potential, unlocked throughout its story. Whether it is through a TV ad, a website, billboard, or a digital campaign, we design creative strategies and shape up storytelling to tell that story to the right people at the right time. We call this process Brandability.

  • our story

    We come from the combination of two teams with different backgrounds, but which complement each other. While, on the one hand, we add experience to the more traditional level of marketing, on the other, we have grown with digital and the use of technology in communication. It is with this diversity of experiences and know-how that we are able to do more and better, for your brand and its story.

how do we tell stories?

In Brandability there is no such thing as two equal brands. Each brand has its own life and its unique story to tell. Get to know our methodology.

  1. 1. diagnosis

    Diagnosis of the online and offline ecosystem of the brand. Examination of all the PESO touch points: Paid: presence in campaigns, advertising, influencers, partnerships // Earned: brand presence in social networks, forums, blogs, reviews, word-of-mouth // Shared: content shared in social networks // Owned: creation and management of website, content, social networks, blogs and publications, thus establishing effective objectives and communication strategies, according to the marketing plan.

  2. 2. strategy

    Depending on the outlined objectives, a strategy of presence and action plan is designed in digital and/or traditional media, in order to maximize the brand potential.

  3. 3. implementation

    Design and update or implementation of the necessary tools to accomplish the strategy. This phase may include website review or creation, mobile apps, e-commerce platform, on and offsite SEO implementation, social channels, choice and negotiation of influencers, or any other means that the strategy contemplates.

  4. 4. expansion

    Once the necessary tools are implemented for operating the strategy, at this stage, we promote the brand and its communication and business objectives. We can address campaigns (SEM, display, performance, omnichannel), CRM plans and marketing automation.

  5. 5. optimization

    Stage of permanent monitoring of the outlined KPIs, in order to ensure the achievement of the proposed results.

how do we tell stories?
how do we tell stories?

success stories

  • Amorim Cork
  • Auchan
  • Badoca
  • Broncoliber
  • Delta Cafés
  • Fnac
  • Gradiva
  • Intermarché
  • Imocasais
  • Makro
  • Meliá
  • Metropolitano de Lisboa
  • Sonae capital
  • TD Hotels
  • The Lisbon Smile Clinic
  • Unilever


Get to know the team that will tell the story of your brand.

  • Ricardo Alencastre
    Ricardo Alencastre CEO

    Since 1999 he participates in projects within digital, web and mobile marketing. He specialized in digital marketing, e-commerce and IT development. Since 2009 he became a regular speaker in events in the fields of marketing and technology. He also has international experience, having already developed business, managed teams and projects both in Europe and in North America.

  • Pedro Urbano de Castro
    Pedro Urbano de Castro Accounts Director & Partner

    He has 20 years of experience in the advertising and digital world. He has served as managing director in national and multinational agencies, having been responsible for the communication strategy, creative supervision, and campaign coordination for various major brands, in the most varied areas of activity.

  • Sílvia Marques
    Sílvia Marques COO
  • Filipa Bernardo
    Filipa Bernardo Sales & Marketing Coordinator
  • Nelson Narciso
    Nelson Narciso Sales Development Representative
  • Joana Abreu
    Joana Abreu Strategy & Marketing Services Coordinator
  • Rúben Mercês
    Rúben Mercês Senior Account
  • Daniel Manco
    Daniel Manco Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Inês Mota
    Inês Mota Copywriter & Community Manager
  • Guilherme Pereira
    Guilherme Pereira Lead Project Manager
  • Fábio Ginha
    Fábio Ginha Project Manager
  • Catarina Martins
    Catarina Martins Client Services Assistant
  • Ana Santos
    Ana Santos Client Services Assistant
  • Diogo Brito
    Diogo Brito IT & Systems Director


We establish several strategic partnerships in order to provide a complete service.