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What began as a very Portuguese business quickly conquered the planet: Amorim Cork is today a world-renowned group thanks to its production of the highest quality cork stoppers, sensitive to the needs of each drink and its continuing efforts to protect the environment. Its positioning and careful production process has led to global recognition of the benefits of using cork to seal bottles and a vote of confidence as a market leading group.

Focused entirely on its portfolio of stoppers, Amorim Cork has launched its Instagram profile – Amorim Cork Stoppers - and counted on us to optimise its marketing and tailor the content to the business goals and the positioning of the brand.

After assessing the initial needs, we responded to the challenge of managing the Amorim Cork Stoppers Instagram profile through planning, content creation, design and video. The management focuses on three touchpoints: marketing the extensive portfolio of Amorim Cork Stoppers (and their versatility for different kinds of drinks and bottles), showcasing the brand’s focus on allying the cork (a very traditional material) to innovation through technology, and a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Complementing the profile content creation, we also developed Instagram highlights that present the brand’s values, share news and the cork stopper portfolio, serving as a virtual business card for the profile.

In parallel with the curation of the feed, we also ensured the creation and management of campaigns to increase the reach of the account to a relevant target audience and fulfil the overriding goal: to increase the awareness of the account and nurture a relationship between the followers and the profile.

Showcase of cork stoppers, environmental commitments, news about the technological innovations and from Amorim Universe, and curiosities about cork are some examples of the content found on the Amorim Cork Stoppers feed, positioning the brand on Instagram as it is already perceived offline: a specialist in cork stoppers and in the production of the ideal stoppers for each type of beverage.


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