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Asatek is a brand that proposes innovative technological solutions in the areas of robotics, artificial vision, AMRs, feeders for equipment, production lines and motion. For over two decades, it has gained recognition for the quality of its products, its support service and its prestigious partnerships with renowned brands and manufacturers.

Until recently, its business model was very much geared towards presenting its product catalogue to potential customers through attendance at exhibitions or by sharing a physical brochure. Considering the current challenges and the natural evolution of the brand, Asatek wanted to take a step further and was looking for a digital solution. This in turn would give more reach to its catalogue of products, services and increase its online notoriety.

In this sense, we developed the Asatek website with a simple and intuitive layout to navigate. Through the platform, the user can view the entire catalogue of products (segmented by the various areas of intervention) and explore the areas of services that the brand offers.

The user also has a contact form where he can get more information about certain products or request Asatek's support to find the ideal solution for his project needs.

The new website also includes an educational area, with the training plan available for consultation, and an area called 'knowledge centre' that aggregates articles from technology, robotics and other areas, reinforcing the brand's expertise and boosting organic traffic through searches.

Through this solution, Asatek has at its disposal a digital means to present its catalogue without the limitation of face-to-face meetings and to capture its target anywhere in the world. Thus, reinforcing its online notoriety while it has been conquering in the of-screen world.

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