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The Auchan group, a multinational retail company that has won over the Portuguese, is now looking to build loyalty with a new step in the shopping experience. Preference for online shopping has increased exponentially and consumers feel the need to make their hypermarket shopping as practical, convenient and secure as possible. The comfort of one’s own home, the personalisation of the product offer based on preferences and habitual purchases, the benefit of being able to shop 24/7 with no closing time, and the practical convenience of having shopping delivered to one’s doorstep are some of the essential factors that the group has taken into consideration to take the next step. 

Aimed at increasing the online conversation and taking e-commerce convenience to the next level, the Auchan group felt the need to develop a tool that would allow the pamphlets that are usually in paper format to be turned into digital format for distribution, and which are integrated into the website. We responded to the challenge using iPaper technology to produce the pamphlets, with a customised layout. 

One of the benefits of this solution consists of the possibility of adding products that are in the pamphlet directly into the cart through a simple click, making it unnecessary to go back to the website to make the purchase. The whole process is intuitive and is geared towards mobile use. 

Through the digital pamphlet, the user has a more convenient, quicker and more interactive solution available, which is perfect for consumers who have no time to waste and who want simple and effective ways of shopping online. 

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