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Badoca Safari Park is one of the best loved and most popular parks in Portugal for didactic and memorable experiences in close contact with animals. Its values of conservation and preservation of fauna and flora, and a commitment to caring for all the species, makes it a top tourist attraction for animal and nature lovers, from youngsters to the elderly.

One of the main goals of Badoca Safari Park was to provide online communication that reflected not only the identity and values of the brand, but also the spirit of adventure and enabling guests to come into close contact with the animals.

From the perspective of a spirit of adventure, discovery and passion for nature, we have taken charge of the social network management of Badoca Safari Park – Instagram and Facebook – planning and creating content, sharing news, offers and promotions, with the final goal of increasing ticket sales and the uptake in the park’s initiatives, attracting the community and providing a snapshot of the experience of visiting Badoca Safari Park through a simple follow.

Animals, the daily life of the park, its challenges, activities, curiosities and promotions, and increasing environmental awareness are examples of the content that has allowed solid growth of the metrics in both profiles, turning the two accounts into another channel to bring consumers closer to the brand and a means of arousing the desire to go and see live everything that is a regular company on the feed.

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