Badoca Safari Park

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the on-line shelter in times of lockdown

For more than 20 years, Badoca Safari Park has been winning over all families looking for a differentiating and special animal contact experience. The park is already a reference for its natural environment together with the care and dedication of the team to the animals.

The pandemic didn't leave the park scatheless. The lockdown coincided with its opening season, forcing the team to postpone reopening and rethinking the park's numerous maintenance and survival strategies, even needing partner support to keep their commitment alive.

For this challenge, we have ensured some updates on the website and the introduction of an e-commerce solution for buying tickets on-line. We have improved certain aspects of SEO and integrated a social media management strategy with a strong focus on conversion at the time the park is reopened.

These are some of the results that make us feel radiant as we are hand-in-hand with Badoca Safari Park:

    • +38.41% of users on the site (August) no site (agosto) 

    • +41.81% of site visits (August - the highest number of visits) - o maior nº de visitas) 

    • +400% of users coming from the paid channel and increase of almost 90% resulting from the social media channel (August)

    • ROI>4000% in GoogleAds campaigns (August)

    • ROI>91% in social media campaigns (August)

    • 78% growth in site results in summer 2020 vs 2019 (Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep)

    • Growth of 7% of total digital turnover, already considering the months of lockdown that forced the park closure (March to May)

The pandemic continues to challenge Badoca Safari Park in the most demanding ways, but the resistance of the park staff as well as the collaboration of all partners, makes the park a case of resilience to the pandemic that we have the privilege of witnessing and supporting.

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