CGarden by IHT

illustration & video

bring into life the storytelling of a vegetable garden on the balcony

CGarden – an urban vegetable garden – was the innovative commitment of the Portuguese IHT to take on the challenge of helping families living in urban centres to add their share to a beneficial and significant impact on the planet and their own health.

Presenting itself as an easy setup vegetable garden, adaptable to multiple external spaces (including balconies!) with an hassle-free maintenance, CGarden becomes the perfect partner for those seeking to act and have an active role in changing into a more sustainable world and a healthier diet. It establishes itself as a practical and convenient alternative denying massive industrialization – which has depleted the environment – and the trend towards increasingly processed food habits.

Based on IHT’s challenge, we created all components of this animated video (script, copy, animation) as well as the music – created exclusively for the video. The final result shows the project’s values and presents CGarden in a way as novel as its proposal. 



Brandability Cgarden Page Destaque2


Brandability Cgarden Page Destaque3
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dialog animation

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