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how to market an interactive museum where the visitor is part of the experience

Conservas Pinhais was founded in 1920 selling the catch of Portuguese fishermen who used traditional fishing methods, and the brand reached the international market.

Its success to date is based on the legacy of artisanal centuries-old recipes, the quality of the ingredients and the family atmosphere that shines through in the values of the brand and its respective team. A living and historical legacy in the market sets it apart from its competitors and was celebrated through the inauguration of the Conservas Pinhais Factory Tour live museum, in 2021.

The factory in Matosinhos modified its premises to welcome visitors and fans of the brand, who could see for themselves each step of the production process. The entire tour has an extremely strong sensorial component, inviting the visitors not only to listen to the guide and see the production, but also to touch some of the items, watch multimedia productions, experience the typical smells of the Matosinhos fishing zone and the preparation of the fish, and finally to taste the products. The experience is therefore full-on, and the participation of the visitors is essential and expected.

Upon opening its doors, this completely innovative museum had to be marketed, especially given the radically different experience it offers compared to more traditional tourist activities.

The starting point for this story was the traditional environment of a museum, where works of art are on display for visitors to admire, but not to touch. A distance has to be kept between visitor and exhibit, and ‘Please, do not touch’ signs are commonplace. In contrast, the Conservas Pinhais Factory Tour presents itself as a live museum that adopts the opposite attitude, inviting the visitors to get to know its art through the senses. The invitation was clear: ‘Please, touch and taste our art’ - which became the slogan that inspired the campaign.

In an analogy to the contrast between traditional museums and the dynamism of the Conservas Pinhais museum, some of the world’s most famous works of art were selected and adapted to include the Conservas Pinhais products. The items were designed for a wide range of digital media, such as the website, display ads and social networks, but also for the more traditional channels, namely the traditional Porto tram.

With the goal of capturing organic traffic, two articles were produced for the Conservas Pinhais blog: one describing the Conservas Pinhais Factory Tour experience and another suggesting a tourist route for Porto and Matosinhos.

The ‘Please, touch and taste our art’ campaign provides a distinctive and original museum experience, taking visitors on a sensorial journey and bringing them closer to a brand that has won over its consumers through its taste.

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