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add products to your trolley without having to visit the website? It can now be done!

36 years ago, Continente – part of the SONAE Distribuição Group – became a pioneer in Portugal as the country’s first hypermarket chain. Since then, it has become part of the everyday life and consumer habits of the Portuguese people. Remaining relevant for more than three decades is only possible through constant reinvention and efforts to make the purchasing processes more flexible, safer and practical for its customers.

One of the innovations of the chain has been to digitalise the communication of its products through Digital Leaflets, and we provided support in this conversion process.

Increasing the visibility of Continente’s product range and consulting products and promotions are just the first steps. Through iPaper technology, users can select a product available in the leaflet and add it directly to their trolley of purchases, and can complete the purchase immediately without any redirecting.

The solution makes the purchasing process quicker and more practical for the consumer, without any additional steps that might hinder the process. The end result is a rise in sales, but also a strengthening of Continente’s positioning as an ally of its customers which constantly reinvents itself to make the daily life of its customers more efficient (including when it is time to do the shopping).

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