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original gifts for unprecedented times

Unprecedented times require original gifts, and Share IT wanted to mark the Christmas time while maintaining all the precautions for distance and safety care, but without ceasing to invoke closeness to its employees. 

Share IT relied on us to celebrate the company's family culture and surprise its employees in a safe and creative way. We developed a Christmas card – a traditional element and typically associated with distance – but with a modern twist, customized for each one of the employees. At Share IT, no two Christmas cards are alike! 

Each card received Christmas graphic elements (including a marvellous cat!and included photos of each one of the employees. A customized message was also added in the card and envelope, ensuring that each employee received an original gesture, designed exclusively for them. Upon opening the Christmas card, employees would find a digital gift: a voucher from a streaming platform – perfect for the context of family evenings and to invoke the highly digital and characteristic spirit of Share IT. 

christmas card

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