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how the BlaQ Week became a success

Delta Q is the consumers’ trusted brand to provide unique sensory experiences through its exceptional coffee. A gaining ground offer across the borders – with full credit for Grupo Nabeiro.

To enhance the black Friday campaign, we were requested to do the BlaQ Week customized communication – a week of exclusive discounts in machinery and/or capsules and combos – in four countries: Brazil, Spain, France and Switzerland.

Acknowledging that each country had its own discount mechanism, the layout approach also became personal trying to reflect the typical visual lines of Delta Q’s expression in each of these countries. We developed the landing page, highlights, newsletters and media pieces for the campaign, resulting in a contemporary and exclusive design with a powerful role for the campaign products.

BlaQ Week’s success spread across the four countries, resulting in a good adherence to the campaign – with some of the products reaching or approaching zero stock. The visual line was welcomed by the clients as it remained loyal to the unique identity already developed by Delta for each nationality.


custom landing page

Delta 1 Bloco 1
Delta 1 Bloco 2 (1)
Delta 1 Bloco 3 (1)
Delta 1 Bloco 4 (1)


landing page and megamenu

Delta 2


media and banner home

Delta 3


landing page and newsletters

Delta 4

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