FNAC After-Sales Service Portal

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FNAC's two decades of experience and activity have proven that satisfied customers like to come back. And throughout the purchasing experience, one of the areas that should not be overlooked is after-sales.

With so many services available – from e-commerce to the repair clinic – FNAC felt the need to facilitate the purchase or repairs consultation process for its customers. The challenge was launched and we responded through the new FNAC After-Sales Service platform.

By logging in with the FNAC account, the user accesses a simple and intuitive panel where they can consult two distinct areas: the purchase history, where they find all the FNAC products purchased, and the repair area, where they can monitor the repair status of the equipment that they left in FNAC's care. All repairs include a detailed update of the repair status as well as a payment area with their budgeting data.

The solution also includes some suggestions regarding other catalogue products that may interest the user, based on their most recent purchases.

Centred and practical, the FNAC After-Sales Service meets the customer’s new requirements, enabling them to obtain all the information they need in a single place without having to switch platforms, accounts or contact means. A digital bet in the after-sales service that builds customer loyalty to brands for support and convenience in the purchasing process throughout the entire cycle.

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