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how to make the FNAC Card membership process more convenient and digital?

Since its inception 20 years ago, FNAC has become a trustable brand among consumers for technology, electronic services and its cultural programme.

The loyalty of regular customers became tangible through the FNAC Card. This is a successful programme that allows members to accumulate balance on purchases, exclusive discounts. among other advantages in FNAC's catalogues and its partners. But FNAC felt the need to make the loyalty process more practical for the brand's employees.

In response to the challenge, an internal portal for FNAC Cards was developed. This simple intuitive layout allows 'Fnaticos' (so called FNAC employees in Portuguese) to navigate easily and assist in digitalising customers' FNAC card.

Through the portal, employees can now manage members in a centralised manner by carrying out the loyalty process more efficiently and quickly. The digitalization of the process is possible both in the FNAC member card and FNAC credit card modality.

This new solution was another investment by FNAC to digitalise its process, to answer the digital economy business model while keeping employees convenience in mind.

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