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the FNAC Guides are (even) more digital!

It is no longer surprising that FNAC positions itself as a brand that provides its consumers with a range of cultural and technological offerings, staying ahead of the competition thanks to the products and the quality of service provided to its customers.

To make its communication process (even) more digital, FNAC needed its Guides – thematic and wide-ranging catalogues, where the consumers can see the FNAC highlights, selected products and promotions – to reinvent themselves to get in step with a more digital era, becoming more practical and accessible for the customers, especially when everything is consulted on a screen.

Using iPaper technology, we have digitalised the FNAC Guides, allowing consumers to consult the highlighted products, new items or promotional campaigns using their computer or mobile phone.

The new FNAC Guides bring the consumer closer to the brand’s extensive offer of products, adapting a traditional form of communication to the new digital consumption profiles. The company’s technical facet is therefore reinforced, as is the importance of the catalogues no longer being simple paper leaflets.

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