FNAC Pick-up & Repair

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FNAC has been transforming the cultural and technology outlook in Portugal since 1998. It is now a benchmark for consumers thanks to its broad offer at the forefront of the most recent releases, new products and services.

To respond to the constant need to be permanently online (for work or leisure), FNAC has launched a portal to schedule repairs, with delivery and collection of equipment in the FNAC shops.

Given the COVID-19 situation, the solution was adapted to a home service, in a PickUp&Repair format, avoiding the need for the customer to go to the shop. “Stay at home and our TEKKIE will sort it out” is the slogan of this service, which collects the defective equipment from the customer’s home, and after repairing it delivers it safely to the same address. The FNAC PickUp&Repair service includes repairs of computers, tablets and smartphones, under guarantee or not, whether or not they were bought from FNAC. The portal pays particular attention to the details related to UX and UI so the final result is a user-friendly interface with an appealing and modern image, reflecting the identity of FNAC itself.

In a smooth, practical and quick process, users submit their request in just 4 steps and can also consult their previous or ongoing repairs. The final result is a service that optimises the flow of repairs, guarantees a faster response for the customers and allows more efficient management of the employees who carry out the repairs.

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