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It is no secret that motivated employees are more productive and generate more positive results for their companies. Technology has allowed the creation of solutions that can make the difference in terms of team spirit and final sales, and FNAC is an example of how the idea of gamification can improve sales results.

FNAC’s human resources department felt the need to create a dynamic environment that would stimulate employees and shop teams to hit their sales targets, and entrusted us the development of a portal.

The FNAC PMC internal portal is exclusively for the company’s employees and allows the staff to have an overview of their individual performance and the shop’s performance, compared to the defined goals. In a dynamic and stimulating design, the dashboard presents an overview, with each objective broken down per level.

The graphical design intends to be similar to an interactive game, motivating the employees to visit the portal and track the results. The user can therefore navigate around two main areas: the shop area, which shows the performance of the team; and the staff area, with an exclusive view of the employee’s own results.

The platform also includes a leaderboard area, where a podium lists the three employees with the best monthly performance; and a conquests area, referring to the FNAC products and services sold.

Through this new internal portal, FNAC hopes to further motivate its teams and offer a dynamic way of showing its employees, in real time, the results of their efforts.

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