Fnac Voucher MEGA

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all textbooks at the doorstep with just one click

For over 20 years, FNAC has been part of the daily life of Portuguese consumers, not only for its benchmark cultural and technological offer but also for its initiative in offering practical and relevant solutions for families.

Back to school is an example of this commitment. FNAC felt the need to offer parents more autonomy, speed and comfort when ordering schoolbooks with MEGA vouchers - distributed by the Ministry of Education. Textbooks purchased through MEGA vouchers can be picked up at bookstores, but FNAC's goal would be to leverage the advantages of the security and agility of an online solution.

Aligned with the challenge, we developed a portal for ordering textbooks online with MEGA vouchers through FNAC. With a simple and intuitive design the user only needs to enter the voucher number (or scan the QR code). The user can then immediately select the books, the FNAC shop of preference for pickup and their contact details.

The entire order process is traceable and, once available for collection in the shop, the user is notified via SMS and email.

The new portal also adds advantages for FNAC employees. Through a reserved area, employees can access the back-office which allows them to track and manage all orders from their shop (and even search for any registered order).

The solution results in more efficient customer support and makes back-to-school preparations more convenient for parents.


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