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a new identity that elevates IZILEND’s positioning

IZILEND is a company specialised in offering alternative financing solutions to real estate investors. Its focus on offering a flexible and fast solution when customers need it most has resulted in a strong brand status – especially in Spain and Portugal.

The natural evolution of the brand and the new market demands led to IZILEND's need to update its image so that it would be more in line with the refined and diligent positioning they were building.

In this sense, we ensured the rebranding process, using as a starting point the golden tones, which refer to sophistication, and the straight lines that convey credibility, accuracy and discreetly reference the brand’s initial. The new IZILEND identity thus assumes an urban and corporate influence, but elegant, whose angles subtly reveal the shape of buildings – the main element of the entire IZILEND business line. A brand manual was also developed to provide guidance on the guidelines necessary for the communication of the insignia and guide the entire process of image renewal.

In addition to the rebranding process, we also developed a website with a graphic line closer to the new identity of IZILEND and with improvements in the functionalities already existing in the previous version, including the integration of new areas such as project dissemination, a news area and another of business financing process – which presents, in a clear and schematic way, all the solution stages that IZILEND has at the disposal of its customers.

With an image more aligned with its market segment and the notoriety that has been building throughout its activity, the rebranding of IZILEND tells a story about sophistication, power and commitment that is reflected in the new website with clearer and more useful navigation areas for the user, which, consequently, is an added value to communicate the brand’s values and services.

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