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Since 1989, MAKRO Portugal, the Portuguese subsidiary of the German group METRO, has taken a prominent position as one of the main trusted brands of the HoReCa Channel. They possess a network of wholesale shops selling products to restaurants, hotels and cafés throughout the country.

In order to remain a reference brand in its sector and to continue to invest in a strong bond with its customers, MAKRO relied on our support to boost campaigns and content launch proposals.

We ensured the development of digital brochures that we communicated through periodic and thematic newsletters. We also developed an e-mail marketing strategy directed to new target audiences (SCOs and Traders), with exclusive promotions.

We developed landing pages, banners and highlights for new services, such as the DISH platform, the Click&Collect service and the HoReCa Consulting line - with a form that facilitates the contact process and brand support for the client. Additionally, for the Own Business Day and for the new app MAKRO COMPANION (an alternative to the traditional MAKRO card with purchase advantages) communication pop-ups were also created, both for the initiative and the new app.

We launched a blog area, with the production of articles about the food and catering universe. An informative segment for users, but also relevant in the SEO strategy and in positioning the brand as a specialist in the sector.

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