PRF Engenharia


Let’s get to work under this new identity!

PRF Eng is the brand signed by engineer Pedro R França aimed at focusing on construction works inspections and building maintenance. His hands are already preparing other new chapters, but the main goal - and challenge for Brandability - was the visual identity of the brand. 

PRF Eng required a new logo for web & mobile which wouldn’t only represent the activity and purpose of the brand, but would also convey credibility and contribute for the company's recognition and notoriety. The inclusion of a new signature was also required. 

Using the old logo as a starting point, we ensured the development of a more cohesive and bold logo, seeking to convey strength and capacity. This message is only possible with a striking font, which doesn’t only reinforce the presence and credibility of the brand but also conveys a modern and sober feeling, bringing the company closer to the end customer. 

To allow a more fluid and memorable reading, we adjusted the name to ‘PRF Engenharia’, making it easier to identify the sector in which the brand operates. 

The minimalist symbolism of the helmet joins the new name to enable an immediate identification of the activity sector. The presence of the orange colour in the original logo was taken into account, reflecting the energetic, progressive and close identity of the PRF Engenharia, but in a lighter and fresher tone to meet its modernised look.  

We attached the slogan ‘Consultant in the field of construction and maintenance of buildings’ to the new logo, and ensured the finalization of the branding with stationary, email signature and a template for Instagram posts. 


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