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how can you capitalise on a parking service? 

Imocasais has embraced a new expansion project in the Ria Shopping business areas. The shopping centre needed a new era whereby the local consumers again felt the sense of something new and which stimulated other areas to invest.

Imocasais recognised the potential of the brand and gave us a major challenge which involved a two-point action plan: repositioning of the shopping centre (the details of the project can be seen here) and profiting of the car park by turning it into a paid parking reservation facility. In this case study, we will explore the second point.

Having identified the potential of the Ria Shopping car park to operate beyond the business hours of the shopping centre, Imocasais sought to profit from the space by making it a paid parking reservation area. This new business activity will provide a safe parking service for the foreign emigrants target who need a secure place to park their car while they are travelling, and for the local target who are looking for a place with 24-hour security and a competitive price to park their car at night.

To market this new business area, we created the Ria Parking brand – linking it to the name of the shopping centre itself – with a contemporary and familiar image similar to the Ria Shopping branding. A brand manual was drawn up providing the necessary guidelines for the Ria Parking marketing.

To complement the creation of the brand, we designed an exclusive website for the service provided by Ria Parking, with a layout and look in accordance with the brand image and the production of text content in line with the business communication and goals of the brand.

The simple and user-friendly layout enables users to immediately identify the features and main advantages of the Ria Parking service, outlining the conditions of the paid parking reservations, clarifying doubts and providing further points of contact. Through a quick and clear form, users can request the reservation of their parking space for the intended period of time.

The birth of Ria Parking and consequent development of the brand and the website itself have increased the reach of this new paid parking reservation service among the target audience and got the message out about the new business area of Ria Shopping, thus taking advantage of a business opportunity to expand its initial services.

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