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a new identity with a human touch and creative history

Operating in the information technology market since 2007, the RXF Group has become a specialized brand in the development of innovative high-end IT services and audiovisual solutions.

It currently has three business areas: Audiovisual, Cinema & Multimedia and Information Technology. The company has built a strong reputation in all three fields thanks to its professionalism, attention to detail and quality of service, in addition to its well-known dynamism and innovation.

As it celebrates its 15th birthday, the RXF Group felt the need to rebrand itself to reflect a more up-to-date, creative, human and technological image, without losing the identity it has established for itself for over a decade.

Our starting point was to stick with the group’s acronym as the main rebranding item, making reference to the former logo and allowing easy recognition of the brand, but giving it a makeover.

The rebranding focused on the letter X as its central element (it also occupies the central position in the acronym itself); the format of the ‘X’ involves concentric arrows that represent the proximity and centralisation of the customer-led services. When the ‘X’ separates, the arrows point in different directions, representing the scope and flexibility of the RXF services.

The new image incorporates three main colours, each with its own symbolism: magenta (a colour that engenders emotions and energy), blue (which transmits confidence and is traditionally associated with technology), and purple (a more audacious colour and which alludes to the creativity, innovation and modernity).

In combination with the logo, a new slogan has been added: ‘technically creative’ seeks to make the connection to the history and values of the RXF Group that has always invested heavily in the technological component, both in terms of creativity and the human touch. It is this combination that gives the brand and its services its identity and which we want to see reflected in the final outcome.

The rebranding signals a special milestone in the history of the RXF Group, transmitting the brand’s tireless efforts to continue to provide innovative and integrated solutions, always with a touch of dynamism and imagination that makes it stand apart from the rest.

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