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a portal that brings SISCOG closer to its customers

For over 30 years SISCOG has developed optimal resource planning and management solutions for the transport sector. Its experience and constant quest to reinvent itself has earned the company an important place in the software market for rail and metropolitan operations, occupying a leading role at worldwide level.

In order to stay closer to its customers and digitalise some marketing and intervention processes, SISCOG gave us a challenge divided into three phases:

To start with, the brand felt the need to refresh its institutional website. We overhauled it and developed the platform in line with the design provided. As a brand that is extremely aware of and concerned about security issues, the whole website development process took place in compliance with all the security requirements shared by SISCOG.

The second phase of the strategy included a newsletter system by creating two templates for e-mail marketing and integration of a contacts database.

The third and final phase of our challenge consisted of developing an internal portal with a reserved area where the customers, after logging in, can access an exclusive and immediate contact channel, which has 24-hour support. This feature opens up a more efficient, prompt and agile and therefore more satisfying communication channel between SISCOG and its customers.

The portal also includes a satisfaction form that enables SISCOG to analyse some of the metrics and assess possible areas for improvement in its service provided.

The solution resulted in a platform that presents the values and services of SISCOG and which digitalises some communication and customer support processes, offering an immediate contact channel and making the relationship with the customer stronger and more beneficial for both parties.

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