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silence Sponsor campaign // Broncoliber

Broncoliber is a medicine for cough with phlegm and dry cough, engaged in the Portuguese market for more than 40 years, with 6 types of products.

Under the motto ‘Broncoliber – The Silence Sponsor’, a creative concept was developed, using humour, which illustrates some moments when coughing becomes annoying and in which urgent intervention of a ‘Silence Sponsor’ is required. For example, when we are enjoying a concert, when we need peace of mind to read in the library, when we are meditating in a yoga class or even when we are studying ‘by ourselves’.

In this sense, 4 web Films were developed – one of them for the television format – as well as hard copies such as the Brochure, the Showcase for pharmacies and the Street Panels.

For the digital environment was created the Website, Banners, audio announcement for spotify and search and display campaigns.

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