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Owner of over 400 brands, Unilever has conquered the world with its network or consumer goods. Its mission is not only to make its offer accessible all over the world, but also to guarantee that its brands are an indispensable part of the everyday life of consumers all around the planet.

Unilever wanted to move forward with a new stage in its business plan through the launch of a large-scale sales platform – O Meu Mercado. The e-commerce, divided into regional concessionaires, allows clients from the HoReCa sector to purchase Unilever products in wholesale volume, quickly and conveniently, with delivery in record time.

Given that the e-commerce would focus heavily on the Unilever brands, it was crucial that the platform presented its catalogue in a clear, categorised, and appealing fashion, making it easy for the users to recognise the products they want, and also triggering the desire to acquire new items or suggestions of other product ranges.

Unilever had all our support in the digitalisation of this project through the production of digital items allocated in the e-commerce catalogue. The products are organised through images of the respective packaging and with colour categorisation, cataloguing each product and optimising the navigation and selection process of the entire supply for the users.

Furthermore, we designed product marketing items for the homepage, banners for product launches, ranges, and categories in the platform and also assistance in the creative processes, with social network marketing proposals.

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