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Veritas International Training Centre was founded in Portugal to stimulate professional advancement and support the global teaching community through its vast range of programmes, courses, workshops and specialised conferences for educators and teachers. Knowledge is imparted online and in-person based on five main values: alignment, excellence, innovation, diversity and growth.

We were challenged to reflect, through the design, all aspects of this particular concept, which makes Veritas stand out from other academic platforms. The branding was implemented by developing a logo underpinned by the five principles and the very dynamics of Veritas.

The logo includes three strong shades traditionally associated with the institution, which is at the same time contemporary and reflects the constant quest to update, freshen up and modernise the organisation. The logo was designed to associate a global concept – the right to knowledge and its scope, extending to any community in the world – with an ‘out of the box’ concept – going beyond our limits, our capacities and making ourselves stand out because of our competencies – represented through the ascending graphism.

The final result was applied to the new website, using a layout that fits the visual idea of the branding.

Brandability Veritas Page Destaque1
Brandability Veritas Page Destaque2
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