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the five VESAM business areas in a single identity

For 25 years VESAM has been a pioneer in the creation of innovative solutions for metallic and mixed structures. Thanks to its methods, VESAM provides a service that is unique and different from its competitors. Cutting-edge technology allows the raw materials to self-monitor their state of maintenance and react to natural phenomena. A pioneering product line that we were challenged to showcase.

The rebranding of VESAM had the goal not only of representing the brand’s business activity, but also of reflecting the values throughout its service: development, efficacy, security and quality.

Our starting point for the project was the logo, which was worked on to communicate the whole VESAM concept and encapsulate the five different areas the company operates in: industry, rehabilitation, bridges, buildings and live structures. The image – more up-to-date and in step with the industry and technology of today – makes use of the letter M to graphically represent VESAM’s five business areas; each area has its own visual concept, illustrative of the type of structure in question.

Taking into account the use of the brand in technology and intelligent raw materials, it makes sense to highlight this difference-making aspect in its logo – Intelligence in steel structures.

Another aspect that makes VESAM stand out from its competitors is its method, which we helped map out, clearly transmitting how the brand manages its projects, both for the workforce and the end customers.

The final result also includes the creation of stationery using the same visual identity as in the redesign of the group’s website. As well as improvements in terms of the user-friendliness and the layout of the information, the design is in sync with the new positioning of VESAM, giving emphasis to recruitment and the dissemination of quality test reports on the structures – an operation in which the company invests time and resources and which are essential for the credibility of VESAM’s operation.

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