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spectacles for the entire family!

For more than 30 years Zona Ótica has been on the forefront of primary eye care. With an expert team, the optometrist is proud of monitoring customers of various generations.

Due to these family values we were able to respond to the brand challenge to boost a frames’ campaign trying to reach different communication channels, namely, outdoors, press, digital media, shop fronts and radio.

The concept “If you are a chip off the old block, go to Zona Ótica!” celebrates the close and generational service of the brand addressing the advantages of the campaign where the purchase of a pair of spectacles gave one free pair away (which, within this concept, may be given to a family member).

We ensured the development of the campaign concept, as well as the digital pieces, outdoor, press, and the creation of a radio spot which was circulated in the local radio stations.


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